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Sustainability, Front and Centre

This month’s blog from Head of Data, David, looks at the value of building sustainability in tech – environmentally, commercially, and reputationally.

Our Cluster Conference is back again for 2024, in partnership with SCEA (Scottish Cluster Ecosystem Alliance), with a theme centred around Sustainability.

Scotland is in an excellent position to advance the sustainability agenda and exploit the opportunity as a commercial benefit. With nationwide access to renewable energy to drive all sectors of the economy there is a solid foundation upon which to build sustainable capabilities and to attract relocation of international partners. 

If each stage across the technology lifecycle in Scotland focusses on driving sustainability, the cumulative effect could dramatically change the reputation and subsequent economic opportunities for Scotland as a sustainable location and the source of sustainable tech. 

From a data perspective, building more sustainable code at the development stage should reap benefits during the application stage. In turn, the development of green datacentres and adoption of more sustainable approaches to data storage will improve the impact of the data lifecycle.  

To maximise the opportunity for Scotland and deliver benefit through every area of society we need to drive cross sectoral collaboration, sharing of ideas and technologies, and a wider adoption of best practice. The tech sector has a great opportunity to lead from the font and deliver benefit across the wider economy. Collectively there is an opportunity to put Scotland on the global sustainability map. 

The ScotlandIS Cluster Conference is taking place on 21st March, at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. Presentations and panel discussions will focus on opportunities for cross-collaboration within sub-sectors of tech. We will be exploring opportunities from lessons learned including case study demonstrations of organisations working together by adopting tech to increase sustainability. 

View the full Cluster Conference agenda and book your free ticket to attend now.

ScotlandIS has created the Scottish Cluster Ecosystem Alliance (SCEA) with the purpose of driving cross sectoral collaboration to add value in the Scottish tech sector. If you would like to find out more or are interested in cross sectoral collaborations, including driving sustainability, please contact 

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